CHIRP Transducers

Airmar Chirp-ready transducers make the markets best fishfinders and sounders even better. For decades, the Airmar brand of transducers have been the top choice of boaters and anglers around the globe. Long known for our technological advantage and the highest of quality, the transducers we design, and manufacture ensure your fishfinder is capable of maximum sensitivity and target resolution. Airmar’s patented Transducer ID makes connecting to Lowrance possible. Matching the best combination of frequencies and power for the fishing style you plan to use, delivers remarkable performance, and helps you put more fish in the boat. Here’s how Chirp technology differs from conventional frequency transducers.

Traditional marine fishfinders operate at discrete frequencies such as 50 kHz and 200 kHz, use relatively short duration transmit pulses, and use narrow band sonar transducers. In contrast, Chirp (compressed high-intensity radar pulse) uses a precise sweep pattern of many frequencies within a long-duration transmit pulse from a broadband transducer, so the equivalent sound energy transmitted into the water is 10 to 1,000 times greater than a conventional marine fishfinder. The echo energy returning to the transducer, superior to that generated by a conventional transducer, is then processed by the fishfinder’s DSP (digital signal processing) software and displays in ultra-sharp detail on the display. The combination of Chirp, a broadband transducer, and the fish finder’s DSP, results in dramatically better fish and bottom detection, superior depth capability, and significantly better performance at speed.

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