TM150M Chirp-ready Transom Mount


Airmar’s TM150M delivers a great combination of shallow and mid-depth performance. Operating at a frequency range of 95 to 155 kHz, this transducer reveals fish in shallow waters and deeper depths down to 183 m (600′) with ultra-clear target resolution. Narrow beam angles are perfect for detecting fish holding close to structures and suspended fish—ideal for freshwater, inshore, or coastal fishing in shallow to medium depths. The TM150M is an excellent choice for freshwater boats up to 8 m (25′).

    Transom Mount Chirp Transducers

    Unlock the true potential of your fishfinder with the superior quality and performance of an AIRMAR Chirp-ready transducer.

    The Benefits of AIRMAR’s Chirp-ready Transducers 

    • One broadband transducer covers up to 117 kHz of bandwidth – greater opportunities to detect fish in the water column
    • Superior resolution – precise separation between baitfish and gamefish represented on the display with crisp images
    • Enhanced bottom fishing – resolve targets close to the bottom or near structure/wrecks
    • Amazing detail – recognise haloclines and thermoclines
    • Improved signal to noise ratio – find fish and track bottom at high boat speeds

    Benefits of Transom Mount Transducers

    Transom models are best suited for small and trailered vessels where a thru-hull installation is not practical. Perfect for freshwater boat styles and centre consoles. Simple to install and ideal for small trailered vessels where a thru-hull may interfere with loading.

    • Simple installation on transom of the boat
    • Great performance at boat speeds below 30 knots
    • Easy maintenance and low-cost replacement

    Key Features

    • Depth and fast-response water-temperature sensing
    • 300 W of power with a maximum depth of 183 m (600′)
    • Medium frequency: 95 to 155 kHz
      • 26° to 17° beamwidth put more energy on targets for great target separation
    • 60 kHz of total bandwidth from one transducer ideal for inshore or coastal fishing
    • Plastic release bracket protects housing from frontal impact
    • Recommended for outboard or inboard/outboard powered boats


    • Common Use: Leisure/Yachting, Fishing
    • Functions: Depth, Temperature
    • Housing: Urethane
    • Max Depth: 183 m (600′)
    • Max Vessel LOA: Up to 8 m (26′)
    • Medium Frequency: 95-155 kHz
    • Medium Frequency Beamwidth: 26°-17°
    • Mounting Style: Transom
    • Power Rating: 300 W
    • Retractable housing: No
    • Single or Dual Frequency: CHIRP-Ready Single-Band
    • Tilted Element: No
    • Transom Angle: 3° to 20°
    • Weight: 0.45 kg (1.0 lb.)
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