S3100 Sonar Module


S3100 is a next generation Sonar module.  Get the clearest images of fish and structure with dual channel Lowrance® CHIRP sonar.

Experience new FishReveal™ SideScan and DownScan views with Active Imaging HD FR transducers to easily identify fish to the sides and beneath the boat.

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    High Freq imaging with AIHD transducers
    455 to 1075kHz Sidescan, 700 to 1200kHz Downscan to give an angler the clearest images and range.

    Full FishReveal with AIHD FR transducers
    Both Downscan and Sidescan Fishreveal to enhance and reveal fish targets when you find the structure you want to fish.

    Independent Dual Freq 1 kW CHIRP
    Each Sonar port can support 1 kW Low, Med, High, High wide Transducers Ideal for searching both shallow and deep waters

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