Outboard Pilot Pack


The Outboard pilot pack for Lowrance HDS & Elite FS displays, providing automatic steering for dual hydraulic-steer outboard motors. An extra pair of hands when you need it, the Outboard Pilot, featuring Lowrance SmartSteer™ control from your HDS and Elite FS unit, will steer to a heading, waypoint or route.

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    Everything you need in one box to fit an autopilot to your hydraulic-steer outboard motor, the Outboard Pilot lets you focus on fishing activity while keeping the boat on course. When connected to an HDS or Elite FS unit, the Outboard Pilot can steer to a waypoint or along a route, select a turn pattern or simply hold a constant heading. The Lowrance SmartSteer™ user interface allows you to easily switch between electric-steer, trolling-motor control and outboard motor control directly from your HDS or Elite FS display. And, with your HDS or Elite FS display, you can easily convert trails to routes – so you can retrace a previous track and get your boat back to the dock from your fishing area.

    The Lowrance Outboard Pilot is recommended for boats under 30 feet.

    Hydraulic-Steer Kit includes everything to connect your existing hydraulic-steering manual helm pump:

    • Pump-1 is a 0.8L reversible hydraulic pump designed to interface to Seastar steering
    • Hydraulic fitting Kit is compatible with Seastar manual helm pumps


    Key Features

    * Easy to Install, available for both Hydraulic and Cable steer systems
    * Dash-mount button for one-touch Auto/Standby activation
    * Steer to Heading, Course or Route
    * Automatic Turn Patters
    * NAC-1 Plug & Socket connectors – no screw terminals or wire stripping necessary
    * High efficiency, super-quiet 0.8L hydraulic gear pump
    * Add a second Helm station to a boat using the MFD Power steer commands – no need for additional hydraulics + steering wheel

    What's in the Box

    NMEA 2000 Micro-C Low Loss 4 Way Joiner
    TR-120-KIT Network Terminator Kit
    NMEA 2000 6ft Network Extension Cable
    NAC-1 Autopilot Computer
    N2KEXT-2RD 2ft Network Extension Cable
    Micro-C Power Cable Only – No T Connector
    N2KEXT-15RD 15ft Network Extension Cable
    Auto-Standby button Metal
    PUMP-1 for Outboard Pilot
    Autopilot Pump Fitting Kit for ORB Steering System

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