Move ZR 45″ White

Time to step up your game with the Power-Pole MOVE ZR – the ultimate brushless trolling motor for elite anglers. With nearly a decade of research and development behind it, the MOVE ZR delivers unparalleled power, durability, and efficiency, all while operating with near-silent operation. And when you’re out on the water, you need to know that you can rely on the brand that has your back – Power-Pole. Take control of your fishing destiny and MOVE your boat like never before.

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    The Last trolling Motor You’ll Ever Need
    They say there’s no point in reinventing the wheel. We disagree. We took everything you rely on in trolling motors and re-imagined it exclusively using the “best of the best” when it comes to technology, innovation and materials. No options were left off the table. All with the mission to make a peak-performing trolling motor that outlasts everything else on the water.

    Built To Brave Any Waterway Without Backup
    Relentlessly tested using materials like an Aerospace Grade Titanium Shaft, engineered with Compound Fail-Safes, and protected with Multi-layered Corrosion Resistants. MOVE was made to be nearly unstoppable.

    Whisper Silent Operation
    Fish like an assassin, and let nature be your cover. MOVE’s Stealth Steering Drive and next-gen brushless tech allow you to blend into waterways with whisper-silent operation measured to be more silent than nature itself.

    Next-Gen Brushless Motor
    MOVE’s brushless motor was built using our Power Unity System. Meaning every component was custom-engineered to optimize all levels of performance. This gives MOVE incredible thrust, unparalleled efficiency and a whisper-silent operation.

    30% More Thrust Than Industry Leading Trolling Motors
    30% More Efficient Than Industry Leading Trolling Motors
    Silent Operation

    State-Of-The-Art Trolling Tech
    You’ll dominate any depth you deem worthy with a tool kit of finely tuned GPS navigation modes integrated with leading industry fish-finder partners and a built-in transducer option.

    Navigation Modes
    Anchor Modes - Quickly and quietly maneuvers your boat into perfect GPS position.

    Vector Mode
    Keeps your boat on a straight line heading

    Compass Heading
    Travels toward a selected compass heading

    Use Power-Pole app with ProNav or compatible MFD to set a route to navigate

    Fish Finder Compatible
    * HDS Carbon
    * HDS Live
    * HDS Pro
    * Elite FSTM

    Optional Transducer - LOWRANCE HDi
    This HDI xSonic Transducer features a 9-pin connector, supports Medium and High CHIRP, plus DownScan Imaging™

    * HDI Skimmer transducer
    * Mid/High with 9-pin connector
    * Provides ideal sounding performance and cleanest sounder returns
    * Built-in sensor for water-temp readings

    More Ways For Wireless Control
    Get the total trolling experience exactly how you’d like with our expertly crafted, user-friendly wireless controls. All MOVE controllers work with every MOVE model, so you can customize your control anywhere on deck.

    Wireless ReelFeelTM Foot Pedal
    Anchor Mode
    Active Vector Heading
    Wireless Hybrid Remote
    Wireless Mounted Charging Cradle

    Rugged, Reliable & Relentlessly Tested
    Built using uncompromising materials and engineered with built in fail-safes, all protected with multi-layered corrosion resistants. MOVE was made to keep you moving. No matter what.

    Aerospace Grade Titanium Shaft
    Our trolling shaft is constructed using unbreakable aerospace-grade titanium, one of the planet’s strongest, most corrosion-resistant yet lightweight metals. Which is why we included a lifetime warranty.

    Compound Fail-Safes
    Meticulously designed with backup systems on top of backup systems, on top of even more backup systems, MOVE is made to redefine the true meaning of a reliable trolling motor.

    Whisper Silent Operation
    With our innovative approach to brushless technology and our custom Stealth Steering Drive, MOVE is built to be quieter than anything you’ve never heard.

    Stealth Steering Drive
    Our custom-built steering motor provides unstoppable levels of torque and persistent power to navigate through the thick brush while maintaining near absolute silence.

    Next-Gen Brushless Motor
    Our custom-built brushless motor was built using the Power Unity System, which is designed to optimize every aspect of performance and deliver more power at significantly lower RPMs. This gives MOVE incredible thrust, unparalleled efficiency and a whisper-silent operation.

    Extreme Efficiency
    MOVE allows all-day anglers to go farther with 30% more power efficiency, getting marathon levels of trolling time out of their batteries without sacrificing performance.

    Low-Profile Design
    MOVE was made to make you look, with a thoughtfully sleek, low profile and modern design. MOVE won’t obstruct your vision or take away from top-end speeds while still looking seriously slick.

    Ultra Lightweight
    With our ultra-lightweight design, MOVE gives boat bows a break with up to 35% less weight letting them keep top-end speed and protect fuel economy.

    Advanced Technology
    Easy Lift-Assist Deployment
    We designed our scissor lift deployment model with a 3-to-1 pulley system and a cylinder assist to make deployment and stowing easy and simple with minimal effort.

    Flexible Battery Setups
    MOVE pushes 30% more thrust than any leading industry trolling motor. Giving your boat the agility to get to the next fishing spot first while holding it down better than anyone else in your wake.

    1 Year of Free ProNav Support
    Turn any compatible device into a powerful Chartplotter for MOVE. Unlock a full suite of navigational functions like route creation, go to a point, cruise control and more.

    Key Features

    * Rugged, Reliable & Relentlessly Tested
    * Built-in Compound Failsafes
    * Aerospace Grade Titanium Shaft
    * Dyneema Super Cord
    * Next-Gen Brushless Motor
    * Multi-Layered Corrosion Resistants
    * Whisper Silent Operation
    * Stealth Steering Drive
    * Extreme Efficiency
    * Commanding Thrust
    * Reinforced Techflow Propeller
    * Advanced GPS Navigation Modes
    * Fish-Finder Integrated
    * Easy Lift Assist Deployment
    * Ultra Lightweight
    * Low Profile
    * Built-In Transducer Option
    * Flexible 24v and 36v Battery Setups
    * 1-Year Of Free ProNav Support


    * RealFeel Foot Pedal
    * Wireless Foot Buttons (2)
    * Wireless Info Display
    * Wireless Hybrid Remote
    * Mountable Charging Cradle

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