Fuel Data Manager


The Fuel Data Manager stores data for fuel used, trip fuel used and seasonal fuel used from a compatible engine or engine interface connected to your NMEA 2000® network. A single Fuel Data Manager can support up to three engines. For installations with more than three engines, use a second Fuel Data Manager sensor.

Monitors Fuel rate/flow from NMEA engines.



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    • Fuel Data Manager
      • Monitors Fuel Rate/Fuel Flow from NMEA 2000 engines, and accumulates Fuel Rate into Fuel Used
      • Outputs: Seasonal/Trip/Total Fuel Used
      • Will report accurate Vessel Fuel Remaining if MFD Fuel screen is maintained at


      Every refuel

      • One sensor will monitor up to 3 engines
      • Additional Fuel Data Managers can be added for more engines
      • Will monitor fuel rates from multiple engines transmitting through a single gateway

    Comes With




    N2K T-Joiner

    N2K-T-RD – Micro-C T-connector for connection of an additional network device



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