Autopilot remote and Base station (WR10)


Take control of your autopilot from anywhere on board with this easy to use, pocket size, wireless remote controller. Perfect for all types of motor and fishing boats.  A simple process to engage or disengage gives you the ability to control your direction, with a 1 or 10 degree course change, from 30m from the waterproof Bluetooth base station.  Simple to fit and connect to existing systems, up to 4 remotes can be paired to the base station.

WR10 Wireless Autopilot Remote includes NMEA2000 connected Bluetooth base station.

    Easy to Use The WR10 uses just five simple buttons to deliver intuitive autopilot control. Steer or adjust autopilot heading in precise one-degree or quick 10-degree increments. Easily switch between full autopilot to navigate to the next waypoint on your current route, and NoDrift steering to automatically maintain your current heading. Dedicated Standby and Engage buttons mean you can be sure your autopilot is on or off with a single button press – even if you don’t know what state it’s in to begin with. The WR10’s multi-coloured LED indicates when each command has been successfully received by your autopilot, and displays a low battery warning so you’ll never be caught out.

    Easy to Carry A remote is only useful when it’s in your hand. Compact and lightweight, the WR10 was designed with this in mind: the included lanyard offers a range of attachment options, or the WR10 can be wrist-mounted for even quicker and easier access. Though compact, the WR10 was also designed to maximise button size; this remote is easy to use by any fingers in any conditions.

    Easy to Install The WR10 is a simple do-it-yourself upgrade to any compatible Lowrance autopilot system. The included BT1 Bluetooth base station quickly connects to your boat’s NMEA 2000® network with one plug: there’s no need for any complex wiring or a separate power supply. The compact and waterproof BT1 can be deck or pole mounted, offers up to 30 metres range, and can be paired with up to four WR10 remotes. One remote is included in this pack.

    Key Features

    • Easy to use, simple to install
    • Compact, lightweight remote with large buttons
    • Steer or set heading in 1° and 10° increments
    • Dedicated autopilot standby and engage buttons
    • Wristband or lanyard attachment
    • Up to 30 metres range
    • Waterproof base station with deck or pole-mount options


    Base station

    Power supply and interface 9-16 V DC via Micro-C network
    Power consumption <100 mA at 12 V DC
    Temperature Operating -25°C to +60°C, Storage: -40°C to +85°C
    Humidity 66°C, 95% RH, 18 hrs
    Environmental protection IPx7
    In-rush current 2 A for 20 ms (@ internal 5 V)
    Connection cable Micro-C drop cable 1.8 m (6 ft)
    Signal wire gauge 24 AWG
    Power wire gauge 22 AWG
    Power wire resistance 5.7 ohms per 100 meters
    Maximum current 3 A
    Connector Micro-C T-Joiner

    Remote controller

    Power supply 2 AAA batteries
    Temperature Operating -20°C to +55°C, Storage: -30°C to +70°C
    Humidity 66°C, 95% RH, 18 hrs
    Environmental protection IPx6, IPx7
    Operation 5 buttons
    Communication Bluetooth via Base station, range >30 m
    Mounting Lanyard strap or wrist mounted
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