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Some exciting news for bass anglers… Lowrance recently released a free software that enables the new Ghost 360 feature.

This new feature allows anglers to pinpoint key structure and targets in a 360-degree view of the bottom. Nothing will be out of focus, as it shows both both standing structure and structure that is laying on the bottom.

And you read it right – it is a FREE software update that unlocks this exciting feature. 

The new 360 utilizes the automatic steering rotation of the Ghost Trolling Motor, therefore you must have the necessary hardware installed to use 360.
Namely: the Ghost® Trolling Motor with Active Imaging™ 3-in-1 Nosecone, along with a Ghost-compatible multi-function display (which includes the Elite FS™, HDS Carbon and HDS LIVE™)
*the feature will not work with the HDI nosecone – it requires the 3-in-1 nosecone in order to generate the 360 image. 

The Position Adjustment setting allows the user to rotate the 360 image so that it is aligned in the correct position with the structure and targets in relation to the vessel. So it requires an incremental adjustment of +180 to -180 degrees. In the screenshots below, notice how the highlighted structure position moves in each shot, with the Position Adjustment set at 0, +90 and -90 degrees.

The Look Ahead setting provides more “forward” view of the bottom as the user no longer has a full 360-degree view. This setting works great for when you aren’t looking to see a full 360 degrees and want to focus more on what is out in front or to the side of your vessel.

The Turn Speed determines the speed of the 360 rotation. 

  • Slow = Better clarity 
  • Medium (default) = Best balance of clarity and speed
  • Fast = Fastest turn speed 

The feature does not automatically enable itself and must be manually enabled on the MFD in just a few simple steps: 

System > Settings > Advanced > Features > Ghost360

In order to access the 360 function, ALL units must have the most recent software loaded. So you must update the software of your GHOST Trolling Motor (to and your MFD software must also be up-to-date (to 22.1).

Below are some screenshots with two different palettes:

Lucas Stewardt, Executive Vice President of Lowrance, has this to say:

“This latest Lowrance software release is not only loaded with exciting updates but offers incredible value to consumers. Lowrance users who already have Elite FS, HDS LIVE or HDS Carbon, plus a Ghost Trolling Motor with a 3-in-1 nose cone, are receiving the new Ghost 360 sonar feature, which would typically cost more than $1,000 in new-equipment, for free.”

Here’s a quick sneak peek that shows how the feature operates:

Lowrance SA is very excited to introduce this new feature to our market, and we look forward to sharing some local videos and images in upcoming issues and on our social media pages. So keep a look out! 

And if you have any questions, contact your favourite Lowrance dealer or our head office in Durban.

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