• 3D Structure Scan 3D Structure Scan
    Lowrance StructureScan® 3D allows anglers to see fish, structure and bottom contour in a stunning three-dimensional view. StructureScan® 3D imaging scans underwater terrain and fish-holding structure to create a high-resolution, 180-degree, three-dimensional view beneath your boat.  With this unique imaging view, anglers gain a better understanding of where fish and structure are located in relation to their boat. The picture-like, three-dimensional views are displayed on the Lowrance HDS Gen3 series of fishfinder/chartplotters, when used in combination with the SideScan 3D Skimmer® transducer and StructureScan® 3D module. The price includes the 3D sonar module AND transducer.
  • Perfect for pinpointing fish-holding areas like rockpiles, standing timber, weedbeds, ditches and drop-offs, Active Imaging™ 3-in-1 sonar delivers superior clarity and the highest resolution images of fish and structure at a longer range than any other structure imaging technology.
  • 9 Pin 50/200 kHz transom-mount skimmer depth/temp - black 9 pin connector.
  • HDI Skimmer Mount HDI Skimmer Mount
    Replacement mount for HDI skimmer transducer. Includes top housing.
  • HDI Trolling Mount HDI Trolling Mount
    Trolling motor mount for HDI Skimmer transducer.
  • Transom-mounted, 50 kHz/200 kHz Broadband and DownScan™ transducer The HDI Skimmer 50/200 is a transom-mounted Broadband and DownScan™ transducer, in depths of less than 900 m (3000 ft). Recommended for use with the SonarHub sounder module, Lowrance Hook Series, Elite/Mark HDI fishfinders & Lowrance HDS multifunction displays.
  • HDI Skimmer MED/HIGH 455/800 transdcuer. 9 pin Black xSonic Connector in Lowrance branded blue housing with 2m(6ft) transducer cable.
  • HS-WS-SS

    Mounting kit for the following transducers: HDI, HST-WSBL, HST-WSU.
  • 9 Pin 50/200 kHz transom-mount skimmer depth/temp - black 9 pin connector.
    The HST-WSBL is a 7-pin, 83/200 kHz transom-mount Skimmer transducer with a built-in temp sensor.
    The HST-WSBL is a 9-pin, 83/200 kHz transom-mount Skimmer transducer with a built-in temp sensor.
  • LiveSight Box

    PSI-1 Performance Sonar Interface Enable LiveSight Sonar on your HDS Carbon display by adding the PSI-1 Performance Sonar Interface to your system.
  • The perfect addition to any HDS LIVE system, LiveSight™ sonar turns all fishing into sight fishing with real-time views of bait and fish movements. Watch fish react to your lure – as it happens – and gain insight on what’s working, what isn’t and what to do next.
  • Mounting kit for LSS-2 Skimmer transducer.
  • Transom-mount Skimmer Transducer (structure scan transducer).
  • M-260

    The M260 is our best-performing, in-hull model for 300 W to 1 kW echosounders. Its construction utilizes separate 50 kHz and 200 kHz elements for excellent deep-water performance and exceptional bottom and water-column detail. The M260’s narrow beam provides crisp image detail especially suited for fishing shelves, intricate bottom structures, and wrecks. In-hull mounting eliminates cavitation and turbulence under the transducer’s face, resulting in precise readings even at boat speeds above 20 knots (23 MPH). Recommended for use with the SonarHub sounder module & Lowrance HDS multifunction displays.
  • P-319

    Bronze, Thru-Hull, 50 kHz/200 kHz Broadband transducer. The P319 is a bronze, thru-hull Broadband transducer, fishing in depths of less than 400-500m.
  • P-66 kick-up bracket.
  • P-79 installation kit.
  • Suction Cup Kit. Will work with the following transducers: HDI, HST-WSBL and HST-WSU.
  • TM165HW

    TM165HW Wide-Beam Transducer Maximize the coverage under your boat and see what you’ve been missing. The new TM165HW features a high frequency range of 150 to 250 kHz and a super wide 30° average beamwidth, providing maximum coverage across the frequency band. In addition to improving the performance of Chirp-capable fishfinders, anglers using this new wide beam transducer will achieve three times the coverage under the boat compared to our current high frequency Chirp-ready transducers such as B75H.  
  • TotalScan-Skimmer TotalScan-Skimmer
    An all-in-one transducer, TotalScan™ matches proven Broadband and CHIRP sonar with StructureScan® HD and DownScan Imaging™ technology, making it possible to target fish and search for fish-holding structure with the same transducer. The TotalScan™ transducer features multiple mounting options and is fully compatible with displays featuring integrated StructureScan®, like Lowrance Elite-7Ti and Elite-5Ti. CHIRP Sonar Max Depth: High CHIRP (200kHz) ─ 1000' (305 m) Max Speed: 55 mph (88 kph)
  • Trolling motor mount for the following transducers: HDI, HST-WSBL and HST-WSU.
  • Xsonic P-66DT

    The P66 TRIDUCER® Multisensor features our 50/200 kHz, dual-frequency, single-ceramic element. This hydrodynamic housing with a rounded nose reduces the turbulence under the transducer’s face for accurate high-speed readings and clear display images. Requires xSonic to Blue plug adapter for HDS Gen 3, HDS Gen 2 Touch, HDS Gen 2 Button and HDS Gen 1.  
  • Xsonic P-79

    Our P79 in-hull transducer easily adjusts to hull dead rise angles up to 22 º. This ensures that the beam is vertically oriented to receive echoes, resulting in accurate depth readings. Unlike traditional "puck" type transducers, our P79 consists of a base that is bonded to the hull and filled with liquid. The separate transducer then attaches to the base with a twist lock. The sound waves travel more efficiently though the liquid, giving the best possible performance.
  • As Chirp continues to redefine recreational fishing, AIRMAR has expanded the lineup of broadband transducers to satisfy the growing demand for this game changing technology. New to the market are the B150M and TM150M, economical Chirp transducers designed for offshore fishing and freshwater anglers. Operating at a frequency range of 95-155 kHz, these transducers reveal fish in shallow, murky waters at medium depths (up to 2,500 feet*) along with ultra-clear target resolution. This is a Transom Mount model in the Chirp product line.
  • Xsonic TM-260

    Powerful, Yet Sensitive! The TM260 takes the legendary performance of the B260 to your vessel’s transom. This top-of-the-line, broadband, transom-mount brings crystal clear imaging to any of today’s fishfinders. The large, 200 kHz element and the seven-element, 50 kHz array are excellent for bait and game fish separation along with detecting ground fish holding tight to the bottom. The TM260’s rugged mounting bracket is easy-to-install and has a streamlined shape that delivers high-speed performance up to 30 knots (35 MPH).
  • XT-10BLK

    10 foot extension cable for StructureScan transducer.