T&Cs Apply

Here’s what you must do to save up to € 500:

  1. Purchase a HDS Live paired with selected accessories from the Ultimate Fishing System list
  2. Go int0 https://offers.navico.com/en-ZA & fill in the claim-form.
    1. There will also be a link on our web.site from 1st March (lowrance.co.za)
  3. Attach a scanned copy of the purchase invoice
  4. Your customer will be asked for his banking details, including his bank’s SWIFT code. A SWIFT code is an international “bank address” that identifies particular banks worldwide. The customer can phone his bank for the code. (- Please note: South Africa do not use IBAN-numbers!)
  5. Navico will aim to process the claim within 4 weeks
  6. The cash-back is calculated & paid in Euros:
    1. Navico will pay bank-charges on their side. Any bank-charges on the South African side is for the customer’s account
  7. All claims must be submitted before 20th May 2021. Any claims received by Navico after this date, whether valid or not, will not be accepted!

Please note:

  1. The promotion is only valid for purchases done through authorised dealers of Lowrance South Africa
  2. The promotion is only valid for new products! Demo-Models and second-hand units do not qualify!
  3. The Cash-Back is an added incentive for your customer to purchase within the promotion dates. It is not affected by any additional discount you may offer your customer.
  4. The promotion is run directly by Navico. Lowrance SA will not be held responsible for claims or un-paid cash-back refunds.
  5. For all the T&Cs please visit https://offers.navico.com

How does it work?

Your must buy one of the HDS-Live models (with or without the 3-in-1 transducer) and pair the unit with at least one of the following accessories:

Qualifying transducer add-on options:

  1.  M-260: 1 kw in-hull (10-08-045)
  2.  TM-260: 1 kw transom-mount (10-08-096)
  3.  TM-150M: 300 watt transom-mount, dedicated CHIRP (10-08-080)
  4.  3-in-1: SideScan, DownScan & CHIRP transom mount (10-08-112).
  5.  2-in-1: SideScan & DownScan transom-mount (10-08-113)
  6.  50/200 HDI: 9-PIN transom-mount (10-08-116)

Qualifying add-on accessory options:

  1. Radar:
    1. Halo 24 (10-21-032)
    2. Halo 20 (10-21-033)
  2. Outboard Pilot (auto-pilot) (20-12-128)
  3. Ghost trolling motor
    1. 47” (10-07-001)
    2. 52” (10-07-002)
  4. NAIS-500 w/ GPS-500 (10-21-037)

What is the Cash-Back amount?

  • HDS-16 Live w/ qualifying accessory or transducer – €500
  • HDS-12 Live w/ qualifying accessory or transducer – €400
  • HDS-9 Live w/ qualifying accessory or transducer  – €300
  • HDS-7 Live w/ qualifying accessory or transducer  – €200


  • Any of above HDS-model options must be paired with at least one of the qualifying transducer- or accessory-options on the same invoice in order to qualify to claim Cash-back!
  • On this promotion the 3-in-1 transducer may be part of the Bundle Deal HDS Live option!
  • If you purchases two or more HDS-Live units, each unit must be paired with a qualifying accessory or transducer
  • This promotion is open for end-users only!