X8 Ultra White

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X8 Ultra White


OceanLED X-Series is a superb underwater LED light range for small and medium sized fishing and cruising boats.

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The OceanLED X-Series X8 combines brightness with affordability. Whether cruising or fishing, the X8 gives stunning performance allowing you to enjoy more time on the water with family and friends.

The X8 packs a mighty 2,300 fixture Lumens into its low profile design and utilizes focused optics to produce a 60˚ circular beam from each LED providing great water penetration, illuminating a large area.

Choose either a single colour version from either Midnight Blue or Ultra White or pick our Colours option where you can select any color you want from the RGBW spectrum. You can toggle between

the colours or with our DMX controller and smartphone app, your choice is virtually limitless.

Looking to catch more fish? Switch on the Fish-Strobe mode and the light emits a random strobe pattern that is proven to attract extra bait fish and help catch more fish


  • 60° Beam Angle
  • Circular Beam
  • Up to 2300 Fixture Lumens
  • Compact and simple design
  • Easy to clean
  • Fish-Strobe Mode
  • Active Thermal Control



Up to 2900

Fixture Lumens

Up to 2300

Typical LED life expectancy

40,000+ Hours

Minimum-Maximum operating voltage DC

9-32V DC

Current / Amp draw (DC) (Amperage draw for Colours models vary by colour selected, this is the maximum)

12V DC 1.65A 24V DC 0.75A

Approx. light penetration (avg. water quality)

26’ (8m)

Approx. Light penetration (perfect water quality)

up to 72’ (21+m)

Driver type


Mounting Recommendations

Boat size

up to 50’ (15m)

Transom / Hull spacing

2-4’ (0.5-1.2m)

Transom quantity


Installation depth (to top of fixture)

4-8” (10-20cm)


Total weight

600g (1.32lbs)

Extension cable length (standard)

9.84″ (3m)

Hole cut-out for cable entry

0.5″ (12.5mm)


Chemically resistant optical polymer


X-Series OceanDMX App Controller Kit (1-4 Lights)


DMX Junction Box (Required for 5+ OceanDMX Controlled Lights)


Stainless Steel Bezel X8


4 Way V DC Power Junction Box