AIRMAR B75M Transducer

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Airmar B75M Thru Hull CHIRP 20-Degree Transducer, 7-Pin Blue

B75 600W medium frequency CHIRP transducer, 7-pin Blue, low profile, bronze thru-hull housing for vessels with deadrises of 16-24 degrees.


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    Key Features

    • Mounting Style: Low Profile Tilted Element Thru Hull
    • Deadrise: 20-Degree, Suitable for 16-24 Degrees
    • Frequency Range: Medium frequency: 80 to 130 kHz, 24-16 Degree Beam Width. Provides CHIRP Sonar.
    • Power Output: 600W
    • Max Depth: 274m (900 feet) in ideal water conditions, best case scenario
    • Transducer Functions: Depth and Water-Temperature
    • Cable Length: 33-feet (10M)
    • Transducer Material: Bronze
    • Connector Style: Navico 7-Pin Blue
    • Ideal for: Fiberglass or Wood Hulls. Stepped, planning or displacement hulls.
    • Not Recommended for: Steel Hulls
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