ActiveTarget Live Sonar Transducer


Targeting fish is easier with the high-resolution views of fish movements from ActiveTarget Live Sonar

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  • View the water column 18 degrees side-to side and 135 degrees top to bottom.
  • Use for seeing fish and structure directly in front of the transducer.
  • Know the depth of the fish and structure to target your next cast.


  • View the water column 18 degrees side-to-side and 135 degrees front-to-back
  • Use for vertical fishing to see what is below the transducer.
  • Watch your lure and fish movements in real time
  • Put the lure in front of the fish and watch it strike


  • View the water column 135 degrees side-toside and 18 degrees top-to-bottom
  • Use to scan large areas for fish and structure
  • Search for schooling fish and know the direction of your next cast

Key Features

Highest Resolution Live Sonar

Works with HDS Live/Carbon and Elite FS

3 viewing modes in one transducer

  • ActiveTarget Forward
  • ActiveTarget Down
  • ActiveTarget ScoutTM

All trolling motor mounts in the box

Trolling Motor Shaft Mount

     – Forward/Down/ScoutTM

Trolling Motor Side Mount

     – Forward/Down

Trolling Motor Top Mount

     – ScoutTM

What's in the box

1. ActiveTarget Module

2. ActiveTarget Transducer w/ 25ft Cable

3. Shaft Mounting Hardware (Forward/Down/Scout)

4. Motor Mount (Forward/Down)

5. Motor Mount (Scout)

6. 15ft. Ethernet Network Cable

7. 4-pin Power Cable

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