The ActiveTarget™ Live Sonar CashBack offer is extended from 1 May until the 30th June 2022. The promotion is only on ActiveTarget™ Live Sonar (Sonar ONLY, NOT HDS). Navico will pay the cashback directly into your account once the claim is made via our dedicated offers portal.

How to qualify for and claim your cashback offer

  1. Purchase a qualifying product and accessory between 01.02.23 – 30.04.23.
  2. Click the ‘Claim now’ button below and provide proof of purchase when prompted.
  3. When you have successfully completed your claim you will receive a confirmation email.
  4. You will receive the cashback into the bank account you provided the details for within 30 days of your claim.

Rebate T’s & C’s:



Participants agree to be bound by these terms and conditions (these “Terms”). Any information or instructions published by the Promoter about the Promotion at form part of these Terms and are binding between the Promoter and Participants.


2.1 The Promoter is Navico Logistics Europe B.V. with a registered address at Laan van Europa 450 (4th floor), 3317 DB Dordrecht, The Netherlands and/or its Affiliates (the “Promoter”). Promoter offers a Rebate (Cashback) on the selected Qualifying Products for the duration of the Promotion Period (“Promotion”).
2.1.1 For the purpose of these Terms, Affiliates means a corporation or other entity wherever organized directly or indirectly Controlling or Controlled by or under direct or indirect common Control with the Party. “Control” means the direct or indirect ownership of at least fifty percent (50%) of the voting rights (or their equivalent) of an entity or the rights to exercise management control.
2.2 The Promotion will commence at 00:01 (CET) on the 1st February 2023 and shall close at 23:59 (CET) on the 30th April 2023 (the “Promotion Period”).


3.1 This Promotion is only available to the end users aged 18+ who purchase a new Qualifying Products from Participating Retailer’s shop or via website within the Recognised Countries. (“Participant”).
3.2 Recognised Countries are listed as the UK (including England / Scotland / Wales and Northern Ireland), Ireland, France, Germany, Austria, Holland, Belgium, Spain, Italy, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Israel, Bulgaria, Hungary, Slovakia, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Greece, Malta, Cyprus, Poland, Croatia and South Africa.
3.3 Purchases made in other areas than the Recognised Countries are not eligible to participate in this Promotion, even if the end-user resides in one of the Recognised Countries.
3.4 Qualifying Products means the products listed in Schedule 1 of these Terms that are purchased new during the Promotion Period from Promoter’s official website or through a Participating Retailer website or shop. A copy of such list can be found at
3.5 A Participating Retailer is any official dealer or retailer of Promoter other than the Excluded Retailers (“Participating Retailer”). A list of our Participating Retailers can be found on the dealer locator on our website through
3.6 This Promotion is only available to end users (e.g. not to any reseller or business) and is not available in conjunction with any other Promoter’s offer or Promotion.
3.7 Used, re-manufactured/refurbished products, or products that are purchased on sale or through either the Participating Retailers or third-party marketplaces (including online auction sites) are not eligible for this Promotion.
3.8 Promotion is only available for Qualifying Products that form part of this Promotion, and cannot be claimed against products received as free gifts or individual products that form part of packs, bundles or are fitted as standard on a newly purchased vessel.
3.9 This Promotion cannot be combined with any other offer and is void where prohibited.
3.10 All the transfer charges, exchange rates and fees or bank charges should be bear and paid by the Participants.


4.1 Participants who purchase a Qualifying Product in accordance with these Terms will be eligible to claim a cash back (exclusively paid by way of bank transfer) by redemption (the “Rebate”). The relevant Rebate value per Promotion Product shall be as set out in Schedule 1.
4.3 Rebates qualifying under these Terms shall be paid by way of a bank transfer and Participants must nominate a valid bank account to receive the Rebate. For the avoidance of doubt, Participants shall receive the Rebate in EUR. If your local currency is not listed then your Rebate will be paid in EUR.
4.4 Purchases made from any third-party marketplace (e.g. Amazon or eBay) are excluded from the Promotion, so are purchases made from other retailors who are not Promoter’s official Retailor or have not been approved by the Promoter as its Participating Retailer (“Excluded Retailers”).


5.1 After purchasing a Qualifying Product from a Participating Retailer during the Promotion Period, Participants must visit to complete the claim form providing their details, buyer’s name, e-mail address, bank account details and any other requested information including the product serial number, date of purchase, and purchase reference number, and submit it together with a scanned copy of their proof of purchase to the Promoter (the “Claim”).
5.2 Claims shall be submitted no later than 23:59 (CET) on 14th May 2023 (the “End Date”). For clarity, the final Claim date for purchases made on the 30th April 2023 shall be by or before the End Date. Any Claims made after the End Date shall be deemed disqualified for the purpose of this Promotion.
5.3 Upon submitting the Claim, Participants will receive a reference confirmation number followed by an email confirmation to confirm that their Claim has been successfully received by the Promoter (“Claim Confirmation”).
5.4 If an email acknowledgement has not been received, it is the Participant’s responsibility to contact the Promoter’s customer service team at within seven (7) days of the Claim being submitted.
5.5 If the Claim is deemed to not submitted correctly or the provided details cannot be verified, the Participant will be notified via an email and being offered the opportunity to provide the supplementary information or details (including but not limited to a photograph of the Promotion product showing its serial number) to validate their Claim within seven (7) days from notification. If no response is received, then the Claim shall be marked as invalid, and the Participant will no longer be eligible to receive the Rebate.
5.6 On validating and approving the Claim, Participants will receive the Rebate by way of bank transfer in the bank account nominated in their Claim form within thirty (30) days of receiving the Claim Confirmation.
5.7 Claims that are incomplete or damaged will be deemed invalid. No responsibility is accepted by the Promoter for lost, delayed or damaged data which occurs during any communication or transmission of submitting Claims.
5.8 Promoter reserves the right at its absolute discretion to disqualify Claims which are not compliant with these Terms.
5.9 Promoter shall have the right, where necessary, to undertake all such actions as feel necessary to protect itself against fraudulent or invalid Claims including, without limitation, to generate or require further supportive documents or information as for the proof of purchase, as well as the other relevant details from the Participant for the purpose of verifying the legitimacy of the Participant and the Claim.
5.10 If a Participant returns the Qualifying Product after making a Claim, then both the Participant and Participating Retailer shall notify the Promoter and the Claim shall be rejected. Where the Rebate has already been paid then the Promoter shall seek to recover the Rebate from the Participant.
5.11 A Claim must be made by the Participant directly, and must not be made through agents, third parties or in bulk.
5.12 Direct Claims will not be accepted from Boat Builders, Distributors, Charter Companies and/or Promoter’s staff.
5.13 Claims made already for the same products on other promotions will be deemed invalid and the Participant will be disqualified. The Participant is responsible to return any Rebate received upon the previous claims.


6.1 Other than as set out in these Terms or for the purposes of operating the Promotion, the details and information provided by the Participants when entering the Promotion or Claiming Rebate will not be used for any other promotional purposes, nor shall they be passed to any third party, unless you elect to be contacted for marketing purpose according to our Privacy Policy.
6.2 Your information and any data on our system will be automatically removed after completion of the Claim however, the Participant may withdraw his/her consent to such use of personal information before completion of the Claim by writing to the Promoter’s Data Protection Officer at
6.3 We adhere to the general data privacy principles when collecting and processing personal data that require us to:
6.3.1 Only collect and process the following data to administer the promotion and verify your eligibility:

  • First Name, Last Name
  • Email address, physical address, telephone number.
  • Product Purchase information

6.3.2 Collect and use personal data based on our legitimate interest to administer the promotion, fairly and only for lawful and specified purposes related to our legitimate business objectives.
6.3.3 Limit our personal data collection to what is adequate, relevant, and not excessive for the intended purpose.
6.4 Upon your request will provide sufficient clarification about our personal data processing practices in a clear and transparent manner.
6.5 Ensure the accuracy of the personal data we collect, retain, and use.
6.6 Retain personal data only for the time needed to fulfil the established purpose. We will take all reasonable steps to destroy, or erase from our systems, all personal data that we no longer require, and follow all applicable records retention schedules and policies.
6.7 Secure the personal data we hold.
6.8 Only transfer your personal data to the third party processors that help us run the promotional event, and that are bound by similar obligation with regards to the treatment of your personal data, including Mr. Zen Limited which administers the promotion website
6.9 We tend to retain your personal data only for duration of this Promotion. After completing the Claim and finishing Promotion, you may need to enter your data again should you wish to participate in our future Promotions.
6.10 Should you wish us to retain your information in our database and enter into our marketing newsletter or hear about our recent promotions and deals you can “Opt-in” at the final stage before submitting your claim.
6.11 You have rights to request how we handle your personal data. You have right to:
(a) Request access to your personal data that we hold.
(b) Prevent our use of your personal data for direct-marketing purposes.
(c) Ask us to delete your personal data or correct inaccurate data.
(d) Prevent processing that is likely to cause damage or distress to you or anyone else.


7.1 The Promoter shall not be liable for any interruption to the Promotion whether due to force majeure or other factors beyond the Promoter’s control.
7.2 The Promoter reserves the right, acting reasonably and in accordance with all relevant legislation and codes of practice, to vary these Terms.
7.3 Rebates are non-transferable, non-exchangeable or redeemable for cash by Participants.
7.4 The Promoter will not be responsible or liable for: (a) any failure to receive submissions due to transmission failures and other conditions beyond its reasonable control; (b) any late, lost, misrouted, or damaged transmissions or claims; (c) any computer or communications related malfunctions or failures; (d) any disruptions, losses or consequential damages caused by events beyond the control of the Promoter; or (e) any printing or typographical errors in any materials associated with the Promotion other than what has been displayed on its official website.
7.5 Participants will be solely responsible for any and all applicable taxes, money exchange charges and any other relevant costs or expenses which are not stated in these Terms as included in the Rebate.
7.6 By participating in this Promotion, you agree, to the maximum extent permitted by applicable laws, to release and hold the Promoter harmless from any and all liability whatsoever for any injuries, losses or damages or consequential damages of any kind arising from participation in or in connection with the Promotion, including without limitation, awarding, acceptance or receipt of the Rebate. The above limitation of liability shall not apply to death or personal injury caused as a result of Promoter’s negligence.
7.7 Promoter reserves the right to withdraw the offer at any time at its sole discretion.
7.8 This Promotion is governed by the Dutch law. Notwithstanding the foregoing, as a consumer you may benefit from certain mandatory provisions under the laws of your country of residence. Nothing in these Terms, including this choice of law clause, affects your rights as a consumer to rely on such mandatory provisions of local law as applicable.
7.9 The promoter reserves its right to update, amend or modify these Terms at any time and without the Participant’s prior knowledge.


Saving is capped at £800 no matter how many accessories are purchased £100 Cash Back
000-14900-001 Ghost Active Imaging 3-in-1 Nosecone
£200 Cash Back
000-15952-001 NAC-1 Precision Hydraulic Pack

£400 Cash Back
000-14541-001 HALO24
000-14542-001 HALO20+
000-14543-001 HALO20 Radar

£500 Cash Back
000-15480-001 Ghost 60 Trolling Motor
000-14938-001 Ghost 52 Trolling Motor
000-14937-001 Ghost 47 Trolling Motor