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Download the latest software for the HDS Carbon. More details and specifications have been provided below. Should you have any questions or queries please feel free to use the enuiqry button below or alternatively contact us on 031 368 6649.

Download HDS Carbon Software.

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    Software Enhancement Release (August 2018)

    Release Date: 22 August 2018

    Version: 18.2

    We are pleased to announce the release of NOS 18.2 software, another free software upgrade from Lowrance® that includes new features and functionality for HDS Carbon fishfinder/chartplotters.

    This release includes the following new features and software improvements:

    • Genesis Live mapping
    • Smartphone notifications
    • Yamaha Integration (Phase 2)
    • Evinrude Engine Integration
    • Fusion Ethernet Support


    C-MAP Genesis Live
    Update the mapping of your favorite fishing spot or map unmapped areas with ½ foot contours – in real time – on the screen of your fishfinder/chartplotter with C-MAP Genesis Live.
    Genesis Live uses digital depth to create high-definition maps featuring 1/2-foot contours. Target key fishing areas with Genesis Live maps, which make it easy to find areas where fish like to hide, like standing timber, drop-offs, points, weedbeds and more. Genesis Live maps can be saved to a SD or microSD card.


    Smartphone Notifications
    Never miss an important text or call with the software notifications included in the NOS 18.2 software update. Turn off phone notifications for uninterrupted fishing, or leave them on to receive popup notifications on the screen of your HDS Carbon display.


    Yamaha Integration (Phase 2)
    Following the introduction of Yamaha engine integration in the previous Lowrance HDS Carbon software release, this version now has the following functionality. 

    • CL7 Gauge not required: Completely gauge-less
    • Tank calibration
    • Engine Trim calibration
    • Fuel Flow
    • Alarm Configuration (limit setting/on/off)
    • Fault Code Reporting
    • Maintenance intervals
    • Multi-language support


    Evinrude Integration
    Connect to an Evinrude G2 Engine Control Head for Full Engine Data, Configuration and Diagnostic Fault Codes.

    Compatible with 1-4 Evinrude Engines:

    • See engine information such as: RPM/Coolant Temp/Gear/Eco Mode/Fuel Rate/Fuel Economy/Trim
    • Select throttle control type, on one engine setups equipped with both hand and foot throttle
    • Adjust Trim Assist controls
    • Adjust IPS controls
    • Calibrate trim and tilt
    • Configure fuel tanks
    • Configure fluid tanks
    • Engine winterization



    • Added support for FUSION-Link on radios with Ethernet capabilities
    • Users can now select the frequency of notifications for software updates on internet-connected displays



    • Data Sources being reset after software update
    • Xi5 sources and configuration disappearing after software update
    • Waypoint parsing error
    • Units stuck in Standby
    • Time syncing on network displays
    • GeoFence and Language unlocks being removed has been resolved



    • Do not use an microSD card larger than 32Gb
    • Use the download link to retrieve the .upd file
    • This file is NOT zipped - no need to unzip
    • Copy the .upd file to your microSD card
    • Insert the microSD card into your unit
    • Power the unit on
    • The software will automatically begin loading from the microSD card
    • The unit will reboot
    • Once the upgrade is complete, you're ready to use the new features.

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