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Download the latest software for the HDS Carbon. More details and specifications have been provided below. Should you have any questions or queries please feel free to use the enuqiry button below or alternatively contact us on 031 368 6649.

Download HDS Carbon Software.

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    Software Enhancement Release (May 2018)

    Release Date: 16 May 2018

    Version: 18.1 / 59.1.86

    This software release resolves the issues that occurred after the NOS 18.1 software update. 
    The following issues have been corrected in this release:

    1. Language Unlock – After the upgrade, some users experienced the Language unlock, reverting back to English only.
    2. GeoFence Unlock – After the upgrade, some users experienced the GeoFence unlock, reverting back to locked.
    3. Bottom Lock in Shallow Water – Digital Depth reading “---“ in less than 5’ of water has been resolved.
    4. “Waypoint Parsing Error” resolved
    5. Resolves issue with software failing to load on some Elite-Ti displays
    6. Resolves issue with AIS MOB not being shown quickly, when received via NMEA 2000® 
    7. Enables Auto Routing/Easy Routing for Elite-5 Ti units 
    8. Resolves Elite-Ti unit rebooting issue that occurred in some displays after the NOS 18.1 software update.


    • Do not use an microSD card larger than 32Gb
    • Use the link below to download the .upd file
    • This file is NOT zipped - no need to unzip
    • Copy the .upd file to your microSD card
    • Insert the microSD card into your unit
    • Power the unit on
    • The software will automatically begin loading from the microSD card
    • The unit will reboot
    • Once the upgrade is complete, remove the card and you're ready to use the new features

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