Sonic Hub 2
Sonic Hub 2

Sonic Hub 2


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Marine Audio Server for HDS Gen2 Touch and HDS Gen3

The ultimate marine audio entertainment system, the Lowrance®SonicHub2 features integrated Bluetooth®, allowing you to stream music from a smartphone or tablet. The system has an integrated AM/FM radio tuner (requires additional antenna) and it supports playback from a USB drive ─ all with full control from your HDS and Elite Ti display.

When connected to a NMEA 2000® network, the SonicHub2 allows you to control onboard music components from any HDS Gen2 Touch, Gen 3 and CARBON display on the network. All of these functions are now also available to Elite Ti-users (although not available for Elite 5 Ti). The system is compatible with the standard NMEA 2000 audio/entertainment protocol, features two USB ports for connecting and charging multiple devices, supports USB video playback and comes with a pair of 200W, 2-Way, 6.5" speakers. The SonicHub2 works with Android devices and IOS devices with the Lightning connector.

R 7,270.00

    • Streams Bluetooth® audio from a smartphone or tablet
    • 50W x 4 amplifier
    • NMEA 2000® connection using the newly adopted standard NMEA 2000 audio/entertainment protocol
    • Dual USB ports for connecting and charging multiple devices
    • Pre-amp Zone 3 output
    • Pre-amp subwoofer output
    • Dual Stereo AUX input (AUX1, AUX2)

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