Parking Trolley CT 1500


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Parking Trolley CT 1500

The mover that solves your manoeuvring problems and adds only 5-6 extra kilograms to your boat trailer, utility trailer or caravan.

ParkingTrolley CT1500 is the mover that solves your manoeuvring problems quickly, safely and with great precision. It can be used for all types of boats, caravans and trailers weighing up to 1,500 kg.

ParkingTrolley CT1500 only adds 5-6 extra kilograms, the weight of the fitting, to your boat or caravan. With its 2 motors and specially designed caterpillar tracks, CT1500 is a strong, robust machine.

The only maintenance required is regular charging of the battery and normal cleaning when soiled.

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R 22,000.00



    Weight: 22 kilo
    Electrical rating: 14.8V
    Motor: 2 pcs. DC planetary gear
    Overall height: 245mm
    Overall width: 460mm
    Overall length: 410mm
    Speed: Aprox. 15cm per sec.
    Warranty: 2 years
    Max load: 300 kilo downforce
    Hauling capacity: 1.500 kg

     The set includes:

    Camper Trolley
    Remote control
    Battery charger
    Fitting for mounting on caravan
    Bag for storage

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