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  • HDS Live

    Year after year, more fishing tournament pros use HDS than all other fishfinder brands combined. HDS LIVE will carry on that tradition behind premium performance and the best collection of innovative sonar features available – from Active Imaging™, StructureScan® 3D with Active Imaging, FishReveal™ and LiveSight™ sonar, to exciting functionality like C-MAP® Genesis Live mapping and LiveCast™ smartphone integration – all designed to help you find more fish.

  • HDS Carbon


    New Lowrance® HDS Carbon units feature ultra-clear SolarMAX™ HD multi-touch displays with high-bright LED backlighting and advanced anti-reflective coatings to create wider viewing angles suitable for any lighting condition. Loaded with a dual-core, high-performance processor, HDS Carbon delivers faster redraw speeds and quicker response times to easily power Dual-Channel CHIRP sonar, Dual Network Sounder, StructureScan® 3D, StructureMap™ and future high-powered fishfinding upgrades. HDS Carbon features integrated wireless and Bluetooth® connectivity that supports the most advanced marine technology, including a Network Analyzer that notifies users when new software is available, and a Service Assistant that transmits a detailed network report directly to technical support for custom hands-on assistance.
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  • Elite Ti²
    With the new Elite Ti², you get more advanced fishfinding features and connectivity, without the premium price.

    From high-detail Active Imaging™ 3-in-1 and 2-in-1 sonar support, FishReveal™, built-in Genesis Live real-time mapping and enhanced screen clarity and target separation, to features that make your life easier on the water, like an easy-to-use touchscreen, wireless networking, smartphone notifications and trolling motor/Power Pole® integration – Elite Ti² was designed tohelp you find more fish.
  • Elite Ti

    One of the best-selling Lowrance series because it offers high-end features and powerful sonar capabilities at an affordable price. The Elite Ti series gives serious anglers the tolls they need to be successful on the water.

  • Hook²

    Hook² stand-alone units (no add-on capabilities) include easy-to-use features and functions, normally found in high-end fishing electronics, all at prices that are easy to afford.

    Available in three easy-to-install, value-priced sonar categories to meet every angler's needs.

  • Castables
  • VHF Radios
  • Outboard Pilot
  • Broadband Radars
  • Sound
  • Gauges

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