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  • Lowrance

    This affordable chart provides contour depth detail for 42 inland waters within SA.

    Click on the product below - you can then choose to download the list of waters that this chart includes contour detail for.

  • Fishtec


    FishTec creates extremely detailed and accurate charts of various inland waters. These charts can offer the following (depending on the area):
    • Contour detail (depth contours created by an actual bathymetry survey)
    • Sediment charts (old silt survey paper charts that have been digitized and calibrated)
    • Mosaic charts (Lowrance SideScan HD logs exposing all those underwater hidden gems)
    • Aerial HD charts (drone footage - 20X the resolution of Google Earth - of dams that were affected by drought, revealing many secrets)
    • Elevation charts (3D-like images with contour data created from the HD drone imagery)
    • and Panoramic imagery (geo-referenced photos of areas and structure that were exposed by the low water levels)
    • Bottom hardness (bottom composition)

    You can choose to purchase individual or combo charts, and they cover many inland waters in KZN, Northern Province, Gauteng and the Cape.

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Showing 1 - 18 of 18 items